Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Some words from model Niharika Haider

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Update: Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Some words from model Niharika Haider

Our life is fleeting. In this life we ​​are responsible to the society, to the family. But beyond this responsibility we are human beings.
We human beings do not want to understand anything while we are alive, even in our death nothing like this happens to anyone in this world. Man would be helpless to his destiny. Man is very powerful to himself, but in the true sense we are helpless to destiny, to destiny.
The epidemic called Corona came and explained how helpless we human beings are. How helpless we are.
Seeing the suffering of our loved ones in front of our eyes, fearing our loved ones, makes us understand at every moment that we are helpless to destiny.
Relationships in this world are now like signboards. Husband-wife is a signboard in many ways..because many of them do not have the slightest respect, nor do they have love. Just staying together for social reasons.
But there are relationships in this world that have no name. Yet he knows that the relationship became a rebirth. There is no purer relationship in the history of the world than that relationship. To these nameless relationships, all the names in the world are faded, faded.
If these relationships are questioned in front of the society, you have to say that I am his Keuna, or he is my Keuna, because that is what the society wants to hear. Society has not yet learned to accept more than its barrier relationship chart. You have to buy the relationship at the price of your whole life, the relationship that is mixed with your happiness and sorrow, every battle becomes emotional courage, shelter, whether that relationship has a name or not! Above some love relationships! Some love is above self interest, some love is above agreement .. Love that no one can name, sometimes that love shows the whole life!
The hand that has to be held in the chest without holding a sigh of relief is the only means of survival. Some relationships survive only on the charge of life, some relationships do not die in the careless understanding of death. There are some relationships that people accept, there are some relationships that people once adapt to; There are some relationships that go far beyond all the external and internal walls of acceptance or adaptation and survive only as an excuse to live by the force of love.
This nameless relationship is a real relationship

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