Thursday, July 15, 2021


Public transport has started, the road is back to normal

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Update: Thursday, July 15, 2021


Public transport has started, the road is back to normal

Roads across the country have returned to normal with the news of lockdown relaxation. The pressure of all types of vehicles except public transport as well as ordinary people has increased on the roads. Markets and shopping malls were closed but shops along the road were open. Crowds of homebound people have also increased at the ferry terminal. Although public transport has started operating from midnight on Wednesday. Trains and launches will run from today.

Wednesday was the last day of the 14-day strict curfew imposed by the government to control coronary infections. Mohakhali, Tejgaon, Farmgate, Panthapath, Dhanmondi, Shahbag, Magbazar areas of the capital have been visited since this morning. Rickshaws, motorcycles, private cars and microbuses are on the road. Traffic jams are also created somewhere. Shops have opened in alleys along the main road. The movement of people has also increased in footpaths and raw markets. Most people are out.

Tejgaon Traffic Zone Sergeant Harap Sikder, who was on duty at the police check post at Farmgate, said more vehicles were on the road today than on any other day. People are taking to the streets on the pretext of various urgent needs. They are being asked to know the logical reason. Apart from this, they are being asked to follow the hygiene rules including wearing masks. Although the pressure of people returning home on the road has been less in the last few days, the pressure increased yesterday in Aminbazar and Gabtali. The pressure of private cars, motorcycles and trucks with ordinary people. Many workers are coming to Aminbazar for home. Some of them are going home by microbus, some by private car and some by truck. Most of the passengers are going to the ferry terminal on motorcycles without getting a direct vehicle.

On the last day of the severe lockdown, the number of passengers and vehicles has increased in the ferries of Shimulia-Banglabazar waterway, one of the entrances to the south-west. The pressure of people to return home has also increased on the Daulatdia-Paturia route.

Passengers have come to the pier in different ways since morning and crossed the ferry. However, with the increase of the day, the pressure of the car decreases a bit. The number of private vehicle crossings with ambulances, cattle and freight trucks has increased. Private cars and microbuses have been the most frequented despite strict restrictions.

Asked about the pressure of vehicles and passengers at the wharf, BIWTC’s Shimulia wharf manager Safayet Ahmed said 11 ferries were currently plying the waterway. At present there are more than a hundred small and big vehicles at the wharf. Although there is a crowd in the morning, it is not there now. Ghat area is normal.

Khorshed Alam, assistant manager of Daulatdia BIWTC, said there were a few days left till Eid. Due to this, the Daulatdia-Paturia water route is crowded with vehicles and passengers. At present, cattle trucks and private vehicles are crossing more than freight trucks. At the same time, passenger crossings are also increasing. There are 14 small and big ferries plying this route.

It is to be noted that on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the ‘strict restrictions’ running from Thursday to July 22 have been relaxed. After Eid, the government has again issued a notification to implement ‘strict restrictions’ from July 23 to August 5. The government has been stepping up restrictions since April 5 this year to control the second wave of corona infections. Besides, the local administration also imposed special restrictions in different areas. As the Corona situation is not under control, the strict restrictions that have been in place across the country since July 1 expired yesterday. However, even though the situation is not under control, the government has decided to relax the restrictions around Eid, which will be effective from today.

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