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Sheikh Hasina’s emotional letter was the message of restoration of democracy

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Sheikh Hasina’s emotional letter was the message of restoration of democracy

They have been conspiring for a long time to disrupt the democratic progress of Bangladesh, destroy the spirit of the war of liberation and bring back the independent sovereign Bangladesh to the ideology of Pakistan. The conspiracy began with the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great architect of independence and the father of the nation. On 17 May 1971, Bangabandhu Kanya returned to her beloved homeland and started the struggle to re-establish democratic rule in the country by reorganizing the Awami League. From that day onwards, Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of democracy, became the main target of the conspirators.

July 17, 2008 was a day of great challenge for the political leadership of Awami League President Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. In a continuation of the long-running conspiracy against Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, a vile attempt was made to take away the people’s trust and love from the people by disputing the popular Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Although that conspiracy failed, the protesting love of the people of this country. And that is why the day is memorable. The conspirators had made a blueprint to assassinate the democracy of this country by sending the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina to jail. Therefore, this black day of history is celebrated by the leaders and activists of Mujibadarsha and all the people of the democracy-loving country as the day when democracy is blocked.

On the morning of July 16, 2007, the Fakhruddin-Moinuddin-led caretaker government arrested Bangabandhu Kanya in an extortion case from her residence Sudha Sadan in Dhanmondi. Sudha Sadan was surrounded by more than two thousand members of different forces for arrest. Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina performed Fajr prayers in between. Wearing a white sari, Sheikh Hasina wants to know from the joint forces, why she is being arrested? Has military rule been imposed in the country? There was no answer in the mouths of law enforcement agencies.

Before the arrest, several cases were filed against Awami League President Sheikh Hasina. He was taken from his home in a police jeep to the CMM court in Dhaka. He fell victim to the irresponsibility of the police force engaged in his security in the court area. On that day, standing in the CMM court, Sheikh Hasina, the address of trust and love of Bengalis, spoke for 36 minutes in legal language against the wrongdoing of the government.

After the arrest, there was a storm of protests at home and abroad demanding the release of Bangabandhu’s daughter. After about 11 months, Sheikh Hasina’s personal physician Professor. Syed Modacher Ali demanded that he be treated in the United States. Imprisoned Sheikh Hasina was sent to the United States on June 11, 2008 for eight weeks for better treatment. There he took ear and eye treatment. After returning to the country, the conspiracy against him continued.

After being imprisoned for almost a year, the daughter of democracy was imprisoned, democracy was blocked. The struggle for the right to vote and rice was trampled under the banner of the so-called caretaker government. However, despite being arrested and imprisoned in false and conspiratorial cases filed by people loyal to the undemocratic caretaker government of 1/11, Bangabandhu Kanya was later acquitted of that charge through due process of the Supreme Court of the country. In the end, the truth prevailed, millions of leaders and activists joined the liberation procession. Blocked democracy is free.

Before her arrest, Bangabandhu Kanya wrote a letter to the people. The letter inspires new hope among the leaders and workers. The leaders and workers of Awami League were inspired. He expressed his confidence in the countrymen. The letter contained instructions on what leaders and activists would do in difficult times as democracy was blocked. The letter is exactly like this-

Dear countrymen,

Take my salam. The government is arresting me and taking me away. I don’t know where. I have fought all my life for your democratic rights and economic liberation. I have never done anything wrong in my life. Even then false charges have been filed. Above, Allah Almighty and you countrymen, my trust in you. My dear countrymen, appeal to the leaders and workers of Bangladesh Awami League and allied organizations will never lose its morale. Protest against injustice. That is how you will stand against injustice. Do not bow your head. Truth must win. I am with you, I will die. No matter what happens to me, you continue to fight for the rights of the people of Bengal. Victory must belong to the people. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s dream is to build a golden Bengal. Sad people will smile.

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu.

Sheikh Hasina, 18.06.2008

This emotional letter written by Sheikh Hasina accelerated her liberation movement. Creates public opinion. A line of the letter seems to be ringing in the ears of millions of leaders and activists. In this inspiring letter, Sheikh Hasina called for standing up against injustice. The dedication of his leadership in the struggle for democratic and economic liberation of the country then became true in the masonry of words.

It is hard to imagine that Sheikh Hasina had risked her life to form a caretaker government. The BNP-Jamaat alliance has given lives to 8 people at the hands of terrorists and police forces. The goal of that movement was a free and fair election, in which the people could vote freely. Bangabandhu Kanya agitated to resist the blueprint of vote rigging of the four-party alliance. His main target was to consolidate democracy by protecting the people’s right to vote. He was arrested that day mainly because of those who were against Sheikh Hasina’s thinking and those whose leadership was terrified.

Sheikh Hasina wanted to ensure transparency and accountability in the elections. That was his crime. He lamented, “I have met the demands of the movement, I have reconstituted the caretaker government.” The faster I talked about the election, the more I became an extortionist, a corrupt person. My place is in prison. For five years, the four-party alliance has been trying to find out if there is any corruption in me and my family. Fakhruddin Sarkar got it. ‘

A total of 15 cases were filed against the Awami League president during the four-party coalition government and seven during the caretaker government. A self-interested group uses the ACC to tarnish its image, the tradition in the Bangabandhu family, to erode the confidence and trust of Bengalis in Sheikh Hasina’s leadership and to remove her from politics.

Leaders and activists of this generation have not seen 75 political atrocities. I have seen the drama of the history from 2007 to 2008. I have seen the ACC running to assassinate the character of political leaders. Their loudness and arrogance to do politics free of Sheikh Hasina only in the name of ‘minus two’. The helplessness of the judges in establishing the rule of justice and the affection and love of the people for the beloved leader Sheikh Hasina.

Many leaders today may talk a lot about the role of that day. But I think that the emotional letter left by Sheikh Hasina inspired the leaders and workers for her release. Sheikh Hasina often said that the top leaders of the Awami League can make mistakes in the difficult times of the party, the grassroots leaders and workers of the party never make mistakes in making decisions. In the letter, Bangabandhu Kanya relied on the people of the country. The people of the country have repaid him in 2008 by giving him the opportunity to serve the country. Sheikh Hasina could not be kept in the dark cell of the jail because of her confidence in the grassroots leaders and the people. Sheikh Hasina said in a letter that day, the truth will win. After her release on June 11, 2008, Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude to the people of Bangladesh for that victory. The people of Bengal have reciprocated the love of Sheikh Hasina not once, but three times in a row.

The reward of love is only in love, not in anything else. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working for the welfare of the common people not only through development progress, but also through social welfare, especially old age allowance, liberation war allowance, widow allowance, coronation incentives, shelter for the helpless people and public welfare programs. We have to take care that the common people of Bengal and the last address of their trust and faith, the bridge of love of the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina, do not burn to ashes in the fire of someone’s personal desire and greed. It should be kept in mind that the 1/11 Kushilbagans and the anti-independence clique are in ambush. Don’t come back to this country on 15th August or 16th July. The grassroots leaders and activists should be united to keep the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina safe rather than expecting people to want and get, on whom Bangabandhu Kanya has the most faith and confidence.

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