Tuesday, July 27, 2021


La-Patta Razzak and Nurnabi swindled lakhs of rupees with fake appointment letters

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Update: Tuesday, July 27, 2021


La-Patta Razzak and Nurnabi swindled lakhs of rupees with fake appointment letters

Masud Rana: In the current situation of the country, when people are helpless, Abdur Razzak and Nurnabi, the son of a helpless day laborer’s father Abdur Rahim with two lakh rupees in the name of giving a job, are unemployed. Two cheaters work around the city of Dhaka wearing good dress, good court suit and shoes. Cheater Abdur Razzak claims to be a member of Bangladesh Awami Cultural League.
When the president of the organization asked the general secretary about this, they said that no member named Abdur Razzak is a member of any committee of Bangladesh Awami Cultural League.

Abdur Razzak and Nurnabi, two swindlers, got acquainted with some people from different districts at different times as they had no main occupation.

They sign contracts with the ward masters of government hospitals in different districts for two or three months.
Many at first do not understand the trap of their deception and fall into their trap and become destitute. They took Rs 1 lakh from someone, Rs 2 lakh from someone and Rs 3 lakh from someone and gave him the opportunity to work by talking to the word masters through fake appointment letters. In two or three months, the various aju hands show different aju hands without paying the victims. When two fraudsters try to contact them, they block the victim’s number.

Recently, two fraudsters jumped out of Dhaka with two lakh (200,000) rupees from a college student named Abdur Rahim of Feni with a fake appointment letter of an outsourcing fake company called Future Bangladesh. It is known that two swindlers have fled from Dhaka to Bogra. Abdur Razzak and Nurnabi are hiding in Bogra with huge amount of money from some people in the name of giving such jobs. Many families have become poor by falling into their trap.

It is learned that there are several GDs and complaints in the name of the two fraudsters in different capitals including Kalabagan Police Station and Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station. The investigating police officer called once but the fraudsters stopped him without receiving any call. The investigating officers of Kalabagan and Kalabagan police stations said that they are now in hiding and various efforts are being made to catch them. The investigating officer assured that they will be brought under the law soon. Abdur Razzak and Nurnabi are demanding to bring the fraudsters under the law and punish them. The victim’s family.

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