Thursday, August 12, 2021


The human chain of only three people demanding the release of Parimani

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Update: Thursday, August 12, 2021


The human chain of only three people demanding the release of Parimani

The most criticized and controversial actress of Bengali film Parimani was arrested with a huge amount of drugs more than a week ago. He is currently on remand in the case. Although many people have been on her side on social media for the past few days, the people close to her, including the film-related organizations, have not taken to the streets to demand her release.

On Thursday (August 12th) morning, three people were seen standing in front of the National Press Club with a banner reading ‘I want to release my girlfriend’. These are not familiar faces. They have nothing to do with the media.

It is learned that an unknown and self-proclaimed poet named Jagadish Barua Perth is leading this human chain. He wrote in the banner with his identity, this is the poet Jagadish Barua Perth, who participated in the Dhaka-6 constituency in the 2016 parliamentary elections.

Above it is a slogan. That is, ‘I am a man by the sea, my mind is huge. The people of Sonar Bangla will jump into this liberation movement. ‘

It has been found out that this unknown poet could not collect this human bond. Unable to respond to the crowd around the press club, only three people stood there for fifteen minutes holding banners and left.

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