Friday, August 20, 2021


Youth rally to demand employment and unemployment benefits

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Update: Friday, August 20, 2021


Youth rally to demand employment and unemployment benefits

Bangladesh Juba Shakti has organized a youth rally to demand employment and unemployment allowance for the frustrated youths who lost their jobs in various sectors due to the corona epidemic.

The rally was held in front of the National Press Club on Friday, August 20, 2021 at 11 am. Hanif Bangladeshi, Chief Adviser of Juba Shakti, said, “Our GDP has been increasing continuously for the last 12 years. The size of our budget has increased day by day but in that proportion the country has not invested in the last 12 years to produce or create employment in the country, as little investment has been made in the service sector. In fact, investment in the country has not increased but decreased as compared to the increase in the country’s GDP or the size of the country’s budget. So where did we get all this money? ”

He further said, “Unemployment problem in Bangladesh has taken the shape of an epidemic. At present there are only 84 lakh educated unemployed in the country. In addition, about 40 million young people who have been trained, fired and returned abroad are living an unemployed life. If our 4-point demand is met, the problems of the youth of the country will be alleviated a lot. ”

The 4-point demand of Bangladesh Youth Force is (1) to provide self-employment loans in easy installments on easy terms to those who are unemployed and returning unemployed youths who have been educated and trained. (2) Young people who wish to go abroad should be sent abroad at the government’s expense, and arrangements should be made to pay in installments after leaving. (3) Arrangements should be made for the recruitment of electricity in vacant posts in government and semi-government autonomous organizations for the unemployed youth who wish to work. Preference should be given to coroners. (4) The age limit for applying for the job should be 35, the application fee should be waived and unemployment allowance should be paid till the job is obtained.

Speaking on the occasion, Ziaur Rahman, President of Bangladesh Juba Shakti, said, “In the last 12 years alone, about Tk 10 lakh crore has been smuggled. If you divide this money into 6,000 villages in Bangladesh, the amount is more than 10 crore rupees per village. If this money was invested in every upazila, the employment crisis of our youth would be greatly reduced and new avenues of employment would be created in the normal course of economic progress. ”

He added that during the Corona period, the government announced special incentives for businessmen in various sectors of the country, but no incentives were announced for the helpless unemployed youth. We immediately demand special incentives to include unemployed youth in the mainstream of society by providing unemployment benefits and new employment.

Speaking further at the rally, Iqbal Amin, Dr. Abdur Razzak, Sheikh Nasir Uddin, Alam Chowdhury, Mir Mozammel Hossain Milon, Nayan Ahmed, Md. Shamsuddin, Abdul Momin, Md. Kauchar etc.

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