Friday, September 10, 2021


32nd Founding Anniversary: ​​National Unity Needed to Defend Democracy and Constitution: Golam Mortaza

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Update: Friday, September 10, 2021


32nd Founding Anniversary: ​​National Unity Needed to Defend Democracy and Constitution: Golam Mortaza

Commenting on the need for national unity at the moment to protect democracy and the constitution, NDP chairman Khandaker Golam Mortaza said, “One of the fundamental rights of the people of the country, democratic rights are in question today.” The people have lost confidence in the voting system of the country. As a result, people no longer want to go to the polls. If this situation continues, evil and undemocratic forces may emerge. Therefore, there is no alternative to national unity to protect democracy and the constitution.

He was speaking at a discussion meeting and cake-cutting ceremony on the occasion of the 32nd founding anniversary of the National Democratic Party (NDP) at the Anwar Zahid Auditorium in Newfalton on Friday (September 10th).

He said that democratic values ​​of Bangladesh are being neglected step by step. The fair nature of the practice of democracy was actually embodied through free and fair elections. To reduce that right means to violate the constitution. That responsibility will remain on the Election Commission.

He added that in order to move the country forward, the government must ensure equitable distribution of development benefits as well as establish unadulterated democracy. Otherwise, development will not be complete.

NDP Chairman Khandaker Golam Mortaza presided over the welcome speech. Manjur Hossain Isa, Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh NAP Secretary General M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan, Bangladesh Labor Party Chairman Hamdullah Al Mehdi, Bangladesh Gana Sanskriti Dal-Bagsad President Shams Al Mamun (Farmer Mamun), Democratic Unity Convener Rafiqul Islam, NDP Vice Chairman Raju Ahmed, Joint Secretary General Hayat Mahmud, Office Secretary RK Ripon, Dhaka Metropolitan Member Secretary Abdur Rahim Zahid, Md. Jobayerul Islam life etc.

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