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Trinamool BNP wants to evaluate the tortured Ishaq government

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Update: Thursday, September 23, 2021


Trinamool BNP wants to evaluate the tortured Ishaq government

Special column: Mohammad OLID Siddiqui Talukder Ishaq Sarkar, former organizing secretary of Chhatra Dal, has been released on bail after 36 months. After getting bail in all the 313 cases, he was released on bail from Kashimpur Jail-2. Ishaq Sarkar was arrested on July 10, 2016 from Banani in the capital.

The role of Ishaq government in the past movements of BNP was loud in the field. Day after day he continued the movement in the streets. Which has also been reported in various media. The news about the Ferrari life of the resigned student leader Ishaq Sarkar has been published in various media including top news dot uk, daily manabjamin, our time dot com, daily manabkantha, samakal.
The role of Ishaq government in the past movements of BNP was loud in the field. Day after day he continued the movement in the streets. Which has also been reported in various media. News about the Ferrari life of the resigned student leader Ishaq Sarkar has been published in various media including Daily Manabjamin, Our, Daily Manabkantha and Samakal.

According to multiple BNP sources, the incident took place at the end of 1996. The then Leader of the Opposition and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia was on her way to Sadarghat to visit Barisal district.
At that time, Ishaq Sarkar, the leader of Chhatra Dal of Ward No. 34, chanted slogans and marched with more than a hundred workers. The late Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu, the then president of Dhaka Metropolitan Chhatra Dal, was sitting next to him in the car. Seeing such a big showdown in the middle of the night, he called Ishaq Sarkar. Asked the name-identity. Requested to go to Naya Paltan office. He appeared in Naya Paltan the next day. Seeing his interest in politics, Pintu immediately gave him the charge of Kotwali police station. Since then, a case has been filed against him. Prison and Ferrari life began. Other family members were also tortured for it. Yet he did not back down. Did not leave politics. He was steadfast in hundreds of tortures. After getting the responsibility of the police station from the ward, he went down to the highway. Regular
Participated in procession-meetings. He used to observe midnight strike in old Dhaka
Until. In 1996, the administration issued section 144 in the program of Chhatra Dal in Ramna Park.
He took part in the program with more than a hundred student activists. Police arrested him along with 36 workers as he was approaching the Matsya Bhaban with the procession.
They were kept in police custody on empty stomachs. The next day they were sent to jail. He was arrested when he went to feed his younger brother. He was released on bail after a month and a half.

The Political Life of a Battlefield Hero: From the past, Ishaq Sarkar, a prominent street leader and former organizing secretary of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal and former militant president of Dhaka Metropolitan Dakshin Chhatra Dal, has always been protesting against the dictatorial and Baksali government.

This fiery man has been fighting in the streets for a long time even during the difficult times of One Eleven. He has had to protest many times against injustice.
Prison-tortured. In the movement of the last Hasina government (1996-2001), her elder brother “Yakub Sarkar” was imprisoned for 3 years in the highest 152 cases in the history of the country.

He spent most of his life in the dark cells of the prison. While in prison, he had to mourn the loss of his father. Another brother, Ismail Sarkar, has been jailed four times in 60 cases without engaging in politics. He has had to fall prey to the dirty conspiracy of Hasina’s forces without politics as the only name behind the name “Ismail” is the government.

This hero; I am trying to present to the reader a brief history of detention by law enforcement

Ishaq Sarkar was arrested for the first time from Ramna Park in the capital on April 26, 1996. The police arrested 34 leaders and activists of Chhatra Dal including the then president of Chhatra Dal Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie and Ishaq Sarkar. The detainees were kept empty all day in the open field of the police control room. Sheikh Hasina style ”

During the strike in 1999, Ishaq Sarkar was arrested for the second time while picketing in front of the BNP office in Bangshal. Isaac was sent to jail with 16 cases. His brother Ismail Sarkar (18) and his accomplice Nirab were arrested by the police while they were on remand at Kotwali police station. Ishaq Sarkar was released from jail after 4 months. At the end of the same year, DB police arrested Ishaq Sarkar again from inside the Bangshal BNP office. For the first time in the history of student politics, he was arrested in 108 cases and imprisoned for a year and a half. When his father died while he was in jail, he was released on parole for 4 hours and went to jail again after attending his father’s janaza and burial.

In order to take part in the janaza with the police after the beating of the father, thousands of people flocked to see him at a glance. Which is widely discussed in old Dhaka.

Begum Khaleda Zia sought the release of Ishaq Sarkar and said: “Ishaq’s father died a few days ago while he was in jail. I demand the immediate and unconditional release of Isaac. ” After bail in all the cases, he was re-arrested from Karagate in 5 new cases one by one. While in jail in 106 cases, Begum Khaleda Zia, the leader of the BNP’s “Dhaka to Panchagarh” long march and 22 people in the street rally, said, “I have been given 108 cases to my 25-year-old student leader Ishaq Sarkar.” It is unprecedented in history. “

In this context, Ishaq Sarkar was released after the order of the High Court that “no one else can be arrested from the jail gate”. Also, student activists Rubel, Omar Farooq and Salam were killed in the agitation. While the two sons were in jail, the proud mother went to visit their mother at the invitation of Begum Khaleda Zia to console them. In early 2000, Ismail Sarkar was shown arrested again in 30 cases. When the Hasina government came to power again in 2009, a “blueprint” of torture was drawn up on this heroic family. Torture started again. The naked plan to harass with one false case after another started again. One false case after another was filed against Ishaq Sarkar. In this regard, Begum Khaleda Zia, the country’s leader, stood up in the parliament and said: “Ishaq should have built a house next to the court. It should not be difficult to go to court in the morning. ” Despite the great risk to his life, this heroic warrior is continuing the struggle from behind the administration and the public eye. He has to stay far away from his family and relatives. Failing to stop the movement of this hero, the police locked up the office of the BNP, which was always busy like the then Lalbagh Zone Police Commissioner Harun-ur-Rashid Kapurush. Even after being the victim of this conspiracy, this heroic battlefield warrior did not hesitate to protest against injustice. The families of the oppressed Hyenalig and their allies are also being brutally tortured for protesting against injustice. Sound grenades are sometimes thrown at their homes.

Shooting is never done again. Or other members of their family are locked up in their homes. Attacks and vandalism have become a daily occurrence. This is not the end. In 2013, during the anti-government movement, 9 people who were Sohail’s uncle, Zaheer, Parvez, went missing at the same time. The brave leaders and activists of Dhaka Mahanagar Dakshin Chhatra Dal formed by Ishaq Sarkar and Chanchal. His name was registered in the RAB’s crossfire list to stop the progress of the liberation movement.

Dr. Abdul Aziz
Chief Editor Top News UK! And in collaboration with: Transcription: Mohammad OLID Siddiqui Talukder Executive Editor Daily Apon Alo Former Councilor: BFUJ-Bangladesh And member DUJ |

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