Sunday, October 3, 2021


Shant Kaushani in Priya’s photo shoot

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Update: Sunday, October 3, 2021


Shant Kaushani in Priya’s photo shoot

This is Kaushani’s first work in Bangladeshi cinema. The name of the film is Priya. Kaushani’s hero in this film directed by Pujan Majumdar is Shant Khan. Kharaj Mukherjee and Rajtav Dutt from Upper Bengal will also be seen in the film. The film has been in the village of Chandpur since Tuesday, September 26. They will stay in Chandpur till October 7 and will shoot at various notable shooting spots.

Talking about his first work in Bangladeshi cinema, he said, “It is my first time working in a movie in Bangladesh with Priya’s movie.” In this movie my name is ‘Priya’ and the name of the movie is ‘Priya Re’. This is a romantic picture. I am a housewife. The only daughter of the parents. The chapter of love started in life from that caress. I hope I can win the hearts of everyone in Bangladesh through this movie.

He said about Shant Khan, I think Shant is the next star in Bangladeshi cinema. He is new. He has just started his career. But when I came to work with him, I saw that he was very energetic. Moreover, he is very serious about his work. He knows that he is new, there is no formal education in acting. So he is constantly trying to learn. Asking everyone who is experienced on the set what is being done, what is better. Everyone caresses him. A very sweet and hardworking boy. I think his dedication to work will establish him. I believe our pair is doing a good job.

Shant Khan said, I want to come out of monotony and do every character. Just don’t want to be limited to the character of an action hero. I am playing the role of a shepherd in this movie produced by Shapla Media. A very good story. My character’s name is ‘Noor’. This is my first work with Kaushani. However, after that, the two of us will act in another film called ‘Soldier’ ​​in India.

Meanwhile, Kaushani Mukherjee, the heroine of Upper Bengal, has come to Chandpur and is enjoying the shooting. Hundreds of people are gathering in the countryside of Chandpur to see Kaushani at a glance.

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