Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Jatiya Janata Forum condemns propaganda in the name of Moulvibazar Juba Dal president Ujjwal

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Update: Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Jatiya Janata Forum condemns propaganda in the name of Moulvibazar Juba Dal president Ujjwal

False propaganda is being spread against Zakir Hossain Ujjwal, President and Central Co-Organizing Secretary of Moulvibazar District Juba Dal, and a consensual patron of Bangladesh Jatiya Janata Forum Central Parliament, an adventurous heroic fighter, a fearless soldier inspired by the ideology of martyred President Ziaur Rahman. Following the blueprint of the dictatorial Awami League government, and with the help of the conspirators at the instigation of the government, an insidious mahal is continuing this propaganda against Zakir Hossain Ujjwal with a false, fabricated and unreasonable attitude. Mohammad Alid Siddiqui Talukder, the founding convener of the Bangladesh Jatiya Janata Forum Kendriya Sangsad and a human rights activist, and the organization have strongly condemned and protested against this false and unwarranted conspiracy.

The protest was announced in a message sent to the media by the organization tonight (Wednesday, October 6). The protest was signed by Advocate Arifuzzaman Ariful, the publicity secretary of the organization.

Founder Convener of Bangladesh Jatiya Janata Forum Kendriya Sangsad and Human Rights Organizer Mohammad Alid Siddiqui Talukder
In a statement today, he said, “The current ruling party has turned the entire country into a prison in violent politics to suppress the opposition.” It seems that in the sovereign state of Bangladesh, the Awami League is the sole power, no other party or people will have any chance of freedom of speech or democratic rights. A country cannot go on like this.
The people of the country are now united against the arbitrariness of the present government. BNP is one of the largest and most popular political parties in the country. The government is trying to create a conspiracy of conflict within our party through the violence of this Awami ruling group through the conspiracy of the government against the leaders and activists of the BNP and its affiliated organizations across the country to stop the conspiracy to destroy the BNP and all its tactics. Zakir Hossain Ujjwal, president of Moulvibazar district Juba Dal and central co-journalist editor, has been the victim of that blueprint conspiracy. I strongly condemn and protest against this incident and immediately call for an immediate end to the propaganda of false and fabricated lies against him.

The speakers are: Md. Shahjahan, Advisor of the Organization, Prof. Dr. Shahriar Hossain Chowdhury, Chief Adviser of the Organization, Mohammad Alid Siddiqui Talukder, Founder Convener and Human Rights Organizer, Tofail Ahmed, Joint Convener, Advocate and SM Shihab, Joint Convener and Human Rights Organizer, Secretary General Advocate Mohammad Swapnil Sarkar, (High Court Advocate), Organizing Secretary Advocate Narun Nabi Ujjwal, Publicity Secretary Advocate Arifuzzaman Ariful, Member Sahil Irfan (R-J-), Member Mohsin Montu, Member Sohail Ahmed and others.

Alid Talukder further said that after failing in all aspects of running the country, the Awami government is pushing the country towards a terrible uncertainty with the help of fascist behavior. Due to their shameless role, the authoritarian mask of the present voterless government has been exposed at home and abroad. No dictatorial government has been able to stay in power by arresting the leaders and activists of the opposition and filing cases against them by fabricating false and imaginary stories, oppression and deprivation of democratic rights. Mohammad Alid Siddiqui Talukder commented that it is unprecedented that the present voterless government can be so dictatorial with its heinous attitude of dominating the people by considering the country as its own property. The founder of Bangladesh Jatiya Janata Forum Kendriya Sangsad said that the democratic movement of the opposition could never be stopped by repression, but as the level of torture increased, so did the leaders and activists of the opposition. Has been determined.

In the future, we will prepare to respond to this insidious mahalla in the strictest possible manner against those who are carrying out this propaganda against these soldiers of the martyred President Ziaur Rahman. Finally, I would like to say that this conspiracy is aimed at the miscreants and I am urging you to stop this false propaganda immediately.

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