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Strategies to increase interest in reading books

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Strategies to increase interest in reading books

Mohammad Olid Siddiqui Talukder: The best way to be enlightened in the light of knowledge is to read books. If education is not impossible without books, it is difficult. That book could be a school text. Or collected by personal effort. For self-reading. In a word, books are needed to acquire knowledge. Although people learn from nature. But this teaching is not perfect in all respects. Academic education is needed because there are imperfections. There is no substitute for academic education or books in enriching the world of knowledge and judging the subject matter. For this reason, it is one of the most important books in research.

There have been many changes in the way people think and act over time. Over time, people have become busy. Many people do not want to see a book on paper. Out of ten books he shows reluctance to buy a book of his choice. Gradually people have become bookish. Which is gradually leading people towards ignorance. Although their ICT-based knowledge is much more developed than before.

We know that moving a little bit with a book, choosing a book from several books on the list of favorites, also develops human talent. But nowadays many people do not want to spend this time. They go to online digital platforms and collect cheap data. This does not only cut the misery of the person’s talent, but also increases it.

Many people feel comfortable in arranging the desired subject according to their own needs. That’s why you don’t want to do something like yourself by assimilating the knowledge that is scattered on the pages of a book. So many people now prefer online to collect information.

Even though many people have a collection of books at home, they are easily collecting their necessary information from online without using those books. This is very scary for kids. It is killing the inquisitive mind just as it is making him idle. Taking him to such a habit will make him want to find shortcuts in all his endeavors. As a result, he is wasting the opportunity to find out ten more things while searching for one thing. Basically a document. Once the online data is deleted from Morrow, it becomes a little difficult to recover him. The book gives a different kind of joy there. So gathering knowledge directly from books is a different kind of joy. So the biggest challenge now is to make our young generation bookish.

Expressing interest in the book:

Children always follow adults. So they have to understand that studying from books is a fun subject. In this way, much more can be achieved along with the desired subject. This creates a kind of spiritual relationship with the book. It is a pleasure to read the original to know the author and his works.

Regular book reading habits:

The best way to introduce a child to a book is to read it in front of him from an early age. Maybe he can’t read at this time. But it will create an attraction for the book. This will be useful in the future. Be a little careful when buying toys for the baby. You can buy toys with the alphabet. Playing will create a love for books. There are various interesting books available in the market now. Let him play with it. Let him draw something like his mind. When he grows up, he will think of books as friends.

Education in watching TV:

Nowadays there are no children without TV or something like that. You can’t hold him back even if you want to. You do not need to return. You change yourself a little. It will also become an educational tool for him. Boy or girl likes to watch cartoons, you choose a cartoon that is helpful to his education. He will get both joy and education. For this reason, choose cartoons with English, Bengali or language knowledge and ethics suitable for education. Choose topics for music that you think are best for your child.

Encourage reading aloud:

When you read a subject, read it to your child. So that he can hear well what you are reading. In this he will learn to read correctly. How you pronounce and will follow you. Will try to say like you. Not only did the child read the book, he imitated your voice and accent. The word difficult was no longer difficult for him. He will get a lot of pleasure from reading this.

Note the preferences:

A parent always has to take into account the likes and dislikes of the child. Because the future plan of the child depends on it. Your child should be left to his or her own devices. Suppose your child wants to read more and more story books. Once you realize this, then you should collect good quality story books that are suitable for that child. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It will be seen that one day he will give some good gifts in this courtyard.

Do not apply pressure:

Never put pressure on a child about anything. If you think your child is doing something wrong, explain it to them. The child will value your words. If children are misled about something, they no longer want to do it.

Enjoy reading:

Reading seems to be understood only when children do not understand what they are reading. For this reason, he must understand the subject he will read. Then his disinterest in reading will not be created. It is best to show him if there is a documentary or video on the subject he has read. Or any other method. As if the things he has read are revealed to him in a realistic way.
Facing reality: Lifelong learning affects people the most. Which people do not easily forget. That is why when a child learns about the National Museum in a book, once he is brought back from there, this memory will never be erased from his memory.

Library work:

Let the child go to the library at an early age. He went there and read a book with the other children. Let’s find his favorite book. This will increase his interest in knowing. The group will study. So make your child a library card. And tell those who run the library to keep a collection of books, magazines, etc. suitable for children. If necessary, help them.

You give instructions:

Instruct the child to read the books that he can finish in one sitting. Books that are large in size and large in size cannot be finished at once. That’s why you have to tell him that as long as you finish today, you will start again the next day. On the other hand, it should be noted that the child does not want to read the book, it is better not to read it with him. Instead, change it and hand it over to another child. And if you think that you need to read such a book, then choose a good quality book by a different author with similar topics. Children will have fun reading that.

Encourage the child:

Take a look at the books that have been read. Ask him to write a comment about the book read in a notebook. He will write comments on the book’s word choice, sentence weaving, writing style, literary quality, accuracy of the subject, usefulness of the book, etc. This will expand his insights. It will build her self-confidence in what she is learning.

Set aside time:

For the mental development of children, he has to spend twenty to thirty minutes outside his academic studies, even if it is less every day. At this time he will study any subject of his choice to improve his skills outside of class. Doing so will one day become his habit.

Reward the child:

Occasionally give the child a gift in appreciation of any good work he or she has done in the home environment to make him or her interested in learning. This will increase his enthusiasm. In this case, your first choice will be books. When a child gives a gift to someone else, you encourage them to give him a book. But with this you will give him something else. Remember, the book occupies a special place in your prize.
Your child is your future resource. If you can’t man him properly, you can have a lot of wealth, you can have a reputation, there is little doubt about how much it will actually be useful. So give the child time. Give them a chance to grow with affection. Watch your child read and sit with him. Read a page or two. Discuss this with him. It is also very helpful in developing his mental strength and talent.

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