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Primary and secondary level of education Increasing student attendance is a big challenge

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Update: Monday, October 11, 2021


Primary and secondary level of education Increasing student attendance is a big challenge

Zakir Hossain Ujjwal: The news of the reopening of the educational institution after a year and a half created quite a stir among the students and parents. It was hoped that all students would return to the classroom. But the difficult reality is that many students could not come back because of our socio-economic situation. Many high school girls could not return to the classroom due to marriage; Although a crime punishable by law before the age of 18. And the boys could not come back because of the indigestion of the family. Parents have sent them to work to take advantage of the closure of educational institutions. Both are social problems.

Attendance of students at primary and secondary level was not as expected on the opening day of the educational institution on September 12. We assumed, the presence would gradually increase. But the news coming from the field in the last three weeks is very disappointing. According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, the student attendance rate was 6 percent on September 12, it rose to 56 percent on September 17 and dropped further to 56 percent on September 25. Attendance of 10th class students has decreased by 15 percent, ninth class by 11 percent and fifth class by 2 percent. Attendance at the primary level is relatively promising.

According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, before the corona infection, the attendance rate at the secondary level was between 65 and 70 percent. At present, it has come down to 56 percent. However, education officials say the drop in attendance does not mean that these students have dropped out. Many parents may have decided not to send their children to school because of the corona symptoms of the student in some educational institutions. So it would not be right to think of it as a permanent problem. An education official said 93 per cent of SSC candidates had submitted assignments despite low attendance.

So the issue of absence of students is not negligible. Among the absent students who have been absent since September 12, it is necessary to find out the reason for their disinterest. Many parents say they are not sending their students to school because they have classes one day a week. To solve this problem, the classroom time should be increased. The rate of coronary infections is declining. As a result, parents who are still in fear, I hope to send students to the classroom in the future. Boys who have been forced to go to work due to financial difficulties of their families should be included in the Out of Education Program (PEDP-4). If necessary, financial assistance should be given to the concerned families. Programs can also be taken so that girls who are married can continue their educational activities. In our country, there are innumerable examples of girls studying even after marriage.

We have to try to bring back all those who were in the classroom before March 16, 2020. In this case, the government needs to have a special program. At the same time, the local education administration, teachers, public representatives, private organizations and the management committee of educational institutions should also come forward. It is through joint efforts that 100% attendance of students has to be ensured.

Author: President Bangladesh Nationalist Juba Dal Moulvibazar District Co-Organizing Secretary of Juba Dal Central Committee And former president of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal Moulvibazar district

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