Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Director Evan Mallick was dropped from the movie again

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Update: Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Director Evan Mallick was dropped from the movie again

Director Evan Mallick is in a crisis with his career. One picture after another is getting lost. After ‘Kotha Dilam’, Ivan Mallick’s name was dropped from ‘Munafiq’. It has been said that the director will explain everything that has been done so far for the film. The producer will then finish the rest of the work with another director. When director Evan Mallick was called to find out about this, his phone was found switched off.

After that he talked to the producer of the film Md. Mamun Khan and complained that Ivan Mallick was having a lot of trouble with money. Even the artists complained to me that they were not paying their dues. So I was very upset to hear all this. And then I wanted a good deal with him, which is why I pay the artists again. Then I ask him brother why don’t you give them money? She tells me I understand that. But I had been having trouble with him for several days with these transactions. Because I was not getting any money from him.
That’s why yesterday we sat down with Evan Mallick, along with a few directors. I agree with him in their presence. He released the film when he could not give an account. He said brother, since I can’t give an account, he excluded me from the picture. We removed him from the picture and came to an agreement. Since I have a lot more work on the film, I will release the film next year after finishing the work with another director.

The producer of the earlier dropped film ‘Kotha Dilam’ said, ‘I thought, working with this director will help the audience to learn something from the movie.’ But director Evan Mallick himself has pulled out of the movie with a document written for his disability. There are many reasons to exclude him. That’s all you can’t do with me. Now those who are working should finish my work in a beautiful way and this is what I want. I will spend as much money as it takes for this movie.

Ahsan Habib Sakal has scripted the movie ‘Munafiq’ produced by Nishi Mitali Kathachitra and Mamun Chowdhury. It stars Saif Khan, popular actress Keya, Sania Zaman Zara, Mamun Chowdhury, Affan Mitul, Shital, Rebecca Rauf, Ashraf Kabir, Jackie Alamgir and others.

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