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Think about life, avoid drugs ||

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Think about life, avoid drugs ||

Mahfuz Rana: The United Nations General Assembly has been observing June 26 every year as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. In 1986, the UN General Assembly decided to observe the day as the International Day Against Drug Abuse. The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, declared by the United Nations on June 26, 1986, was observed for the first time worldwide. Its aim is to create public awareness on drug prevention and to inform and motivate the public about the treatment of drug addiction. The theme of the day is ‘Share facts on drugs, save lives’.

After independence, the Bangladesh Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed the 1981 UN Convention on the Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Drugs and Narcotics. The government has amended the Narcotics Control Act, 1990 in line with the UN Convention. In 1993, Bangladesh reached a bilateral technical agreement with the United States on the prevention and control of drug abuse.

Bangladesh is moving fast. The development of Bangladesh is worth mentioning in economy, education, health, social security. Bangladesh is in a very advantageous position in earning demographic dividend by utilizing efficient human resources. In recent times, drug addiction has emerged as a serious social disorder in most countries of the world including Bangladesh, the rate of drug addiction is increasing day by day. A significant portion of the youth is facing massive losses. Drug addiction is such an addiction that it is very difficult to give it up once you get used to it. Drug addiction is pushing national life to a terrible end. According to the Narcotics and Drug Prevention Agency-Manas survey, there are about 10 million drug addicts in the country at present. Of which the number of female drug addicts is 20 lakh. According to them, even 10 years ago, the number of female drug addicts was 5 lakh. Experts say the rise in women’s drug use is a sign of danger to society. Psychologists say, As a result of taking drugs, women become more mentally depressed than men. Women also have higher physical risks.

It is difficult to say the exact number or name of the drug. It can be injection, smoking or any other means. The most common drugs in the world including Bangladesh are cannabis, phencidyl, heroin, alcohol, tari, marijuana, LSD, alcohol, pathedrine, cocaine, morphine, charas, poppy, hashish, cannabis, smack, boron, sleeping pills of various brands, etc. Many people also get intoxicated by mixing sleeping pills with different types of energy drinks. Yaba tablets are currently the most talked about. According to the Bangladesh Narcotics Control Department, the use of yaba as a drug has increased six-fold in Bangladesh in recent years.

After Latin America, Afghanistan is one of the two worst drug producing countries, and Myanmar is the other. Myanmar is a neighbor of Bangladesh, not far from Afghanistan. Apart from this, Bangladesh is at high risk of drugs as there are various drug manufacturing factories including Phensidyl near the border areas. The two drug-producing regions are the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent. The three countries producing drugs in the Golden Triangle are Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The countries of the Golden Crescent are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Therefore, Bangladesh has been used as a transit point for drug trafficking for a long time due to its geographical location.

According to the Department of Narcotics Control, the number of drug addicts in the country is more than 65 lakh. The average age of most drug addicts in Bangladesh is between 18 and 32 years. Most of the addicts are young. According to the department’s survey, 90 percent of addicts are teenagers and young adults. 45% of them are unemployed and 75% are undergraduates. According to a UN report on the drug situation in Bangladesh, 84 percent of drug addicts in the country are men and 16 percent are women. Around three and a half lakh people across the country are involved in drug business in various ways. And in the case of drug use, the number of highly educated people is about 15 percent. Drugs worth at least Tk 200 crore are bought and sold every day. It is estimated that 50 percent of drug addicts are involved in various crimes. The number of women drug addicts is also increasing in our country. According to various studies, 90 percent of female addicts are between the ages of 15 and 35, and the rest are between the ages of 45.

Unemployment is one of the reasons for taking drugs. As the saying goes, the lazy brain is the devil’s factory. Drug addiction has now spread from the heart of the city to remote villages. Drugs are one of the reasons for the recent rise in the number of juvenile terrorists in our country. The role of drug addiction is one of the reasons behind the increase in school-college girls being harassed, shot or stabbed or road accidents all over the country. Therefore, drug addiction must be eradicated from the youth and the unemployed by solving the problem of unemployment immediately; The sale and marketing of drugs should be banned.

All members of the society should take united steps to prevent the easy availability of drugs and public sale. Awareness needs to be raised among the adolescents and youth to eradicate drug addiction. The textbook should include the evils of drugs. Anti-drug campaign should be carried out through meetings, seminars, symposiums and media.

We have to increase the care and responsibility of the family towards the children. Parents need to keep track of what they are doing, how long they are out, and with whom. There should be strict punishment system for drug smuggling and its spread. Drug addicts need to be treated and rehabilitated so that they can return to normal life. At the same time, the infiltration of subcultures should be stopped and healthy and pure recreation should be arranged.

There are 155 grassroots offices across the country under the Department of Narcotics Control. They work on any type of drug abuse, trafficking and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Liaison protects drug-related issues nationally and internationally. There is an official 250-bed medical center in Dhaka for the treatment of drug addicts. Besides, there are 500-bed medical centers in Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna.

The government has announced a zero tolerance policy on drug eradication. The Department of Narcotics Control is working with the conviction of implementing his directives and making the society drug free. Due to the support and cooperation of the government, the organization is moving forward successfully despite many limitations.

The government has various initiatives to curb the spread of drugs. Almost every day a huge amount of drugs is being seized in different parts of the country. The anti-drug campaign is being conducted by the government as well as non-governmental organizations. Everyone should come forward against drugs at the same time with a specific action plan by analyzing various types of data. The vision of the Department of Narcotics Control is to build a drug free Bangladesh. The mission is to prevent illicit drug flow in the country, ensure use in pharmaceuticals and other industries, ensure proper testing of drugs, ensure treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, plan and implement prevention education programs to create widespread public awareness about the evils of drugs, and liaise closely with other international organizations. Building resistance against drugs nationally and internationally.

Building a drug free society is not possible for the government alone. The government as well as various non-governmental organizations, families, society – all need joint efforts. The country can become a drug-free nation in the future if it can stop the spread and spread of drugs, increase surveillance and create public awareness about the evils of drug use. Let us all be aware against drugs, let us all work together irrespective of party-religion-caste. Everyone loves life and is drug free.

Author: Sub Inspector, Singair Thana, Manikganj

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