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You have to be alone at the end of life

Mohammad olid Siddiqui Talukder

Update: Wednesday, October 13, 2021


You have to be alone at the end of life

Mohammad olid Siddiqui Talukder: We are born alone even when we are born. The child who is cherished by his parents once grows up with absolute compassion and one day learns to stand on his own two feet. Become a successful person, a self-reliant person, a responsible person. When the absolute time of life such as 18 to 40/45 years of age, how many people are around, friends and family. If he is a successful, famous or famous person then there are many people around him. There is no shortage of people on the left and right. But if for some reason he has any danger, he has to go through life with problems, then there is no core person behind him.

No one can be found in times of need, even when death comes, one has to die alone. This is the rule of the world. If you are born, death is the eternal truth and whether one likes it or not, it will come. No one lives on earth forever. Yet how many people do anything to establish themselves in this fleeting world, to make a name for themselves. No one seems to remember that he had to embrace Moran.

Yet let man live in this beautiful and diverse world as his own, in the sky of happiness, in his own mind as his own. In a beautiful world, the life of a beautiful person is very beautiful, so Pratyama loves him. It is the effort of all of us to make the beautiful world more diverse. Alone I or you alone can do nothing. Only in this beautiful world where the unity of all is desired, the life of a human being will be very beautiful.
I am concluding the article with a poem.

Poetry Name: There is nothing to lose

Tell him what he will lose if he has nothing,
his mind is silent because there is nothing to lose,
yet there is some hard life,
whose pain never goes away,
there is nothing to lose that he thinks.

The one who is alone feels silent,
how can he touch hundreds of thousands of troubles?
He lives with suffering,
a living corpse,
he has nothing to lose.

Most people think this way in their own way, but
finally come back home after suffering.
After all,
life may mean nomads,
there is nothing to lose then.

What are those golden days like today,
a life of helplessness within oneself, living in a
world of great responsibility, like
this , maybe it is better to die than to live,
there is nothing to lose but a goalless life.

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