Monday, October 18, 2021


Unite to resist conspiracy to destroy harmony: Bangladesh NAP

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Update: Monday, October 18, 2021


Unite to resist conspiracy to destroy harmony: Bangladesh NAP

Awami League has demanded immediate arrest and legal action against those involved in the attack, vandalism, looting and arson of more than 30 houses in Majhipara jail village of Pirganj, Rangpur, alleging insult to religion on social media. He called for resisting the conspiracy to destroy communal harmony in the country.

In a statement sent to the media on Monday (October 18), party chairman Jebel Rahman Ghani and secretary general M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan made this demand.

The two leaders said the attack on the Punja mandapa in Comilla on the pretext of insulting the Qur’an, and the attack on the Jalepalli in Majhipara, Pirganj, Rangpur, on social media, accusing them of insulting religion. These incidents have led to attacks, vandalism and casualties at the mandapa in Hajiganj, Chandpur, attacks across the country, including in Hatia and Banshkhali, and in various places, including Bandarban, which is a naked manifestation of pre-planned and unhealthy politics.

They said Bangladesh, Bangladesh of communal harmony, Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist-Christian, people of all religions and nations fought shoulder to shoulder and made the country independent. And this conspiracy of communal harmony to turn Bangladesh into an ineffective and failed state is now a conspiracy to destroy communal harmony. That conspiracy must be resisted on the basis of national consensus.

The leaders said that in the past also Ramu, Nasirnagar, Pabna’s Sathya, Banshkhali, Gobindaganj, Rangpur, Sunamganj’s Shalla and other places of the country have witnessed rumors of religious and ethnic persecution and attacks by spreading rumors on Facebook and other media. When the government is in power, the people of their party are mainly involved in and lead these communal attacks. As a result, no case has been tried so far. As a result, communal attacks are taking place in the country under the auspices of the rulers.

They also said that whenever such incidents took place anywhere in the country, the government and the opposition parties started the politics of blaming each other instead of focusing on the real events. In this way the main event remains in the dark. However, it is sad but true that in the aftermath of such incidents, the top leaders of our political parties blame each other and the main facts remain hidden. We have been seeing for a long time that Bangladesh needs to come out of this subculture and malpractice. Remember ‘the country above all’.

At the same time, they called upon all progressive-democratic and patriotic political parties-individuals-groups to form a united mass movement to maintain communal harmony against all fanatical-communal evil forces and all conspiracies of the ruling class.

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