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Sheikh Russell loves us

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Sheikh Russell loves us

Hasibur Rahman Manik: Today is Sheikh Russell’s 57th birthday. Today is the 57th birthday of Sheikh Russell, the youngest son of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and younger brother of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He was born on this day in 1974 at Bangabandhu Bhaban in Dhanmondi. On 15 August 1975, Bangabandhu and his family were killed. Russell, the ignorant child of that day, was not spared from this murder. Bangabandhu’s self-confessed killers wanted to erase Bangabandhu’s legacy that day. So the beasts did not spare Sheikh Russell, a fourth grader at the Innocent Children’s University Laboratory School. According to a decision of the Cabinet Division, the birthday of Sheikh Russell, the youngest son of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is being celebrated as ‘Sheikh Russell Day’ from this year. This time the theme is ‘Sheikh Russell Dipta Joylas, indomitable self-confidence.’

Today, on the occasion of Sheikh Russell’s birthday, the President said. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have given separate statements. Sheikh Russell is a name of love for the children and youth of the country. If Russell had survived, perhaps today we would have found a noble, visionary, and ideal leader, of whom the country and the nation could be proud.

‘Sheikh Russell Day-2021’ is celebrated with due dignity in the districts and upazilas across the country and in Bangladesh embassies abroad as a national day. Various ministries have taken up programs on the occasion of the day. 10 ‘Sheikh Russell Gold Medal’ in recognition of special contribution to children with special needs and education, arts, literature and culture, sports, science and technology, 20 laptops of Sheikh Russell Medal winners and winners of online quiz competition, five at the main event under LEDP And 4 thousand laptops including 3 thousand 995 have been given in different districts.

We urge everyone to take a vow that no child should be a victim of inhumane killings like Sheikh Russell. Sheikh Russell, the youngest child of Bangabandhu and Bangamata. If he had survived, he would have kept himself engaged in the service of the country and the nation by embracing the family tradition.

Sheikh Russell was a sports fan since childhood. As a child he loved to distribute his toys among friends. This quality of Bangabandhu was acquired by the child Russell from his childhood. Although it took us a long time to try the murder of this child Russell, we have been able to complete the trial of the murder of Bangabandhu as well as the murder of other members of his family. Many of the killers have been punished.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is very conscious to ensure all kinds of benefits to children. The government is working to ensure everything from the basic needs of the child to the development of human qualities as a healthy person. I hope that everyone’s passion and love for the baby Sheikh Russell will be fulfilled by ensuring a loving human environment for the children to grow up.
The assassination of Sheikh Russell is a disgusting event in history. At the same time, we call for the return of the fugitive killers of Bangabandhu and his family, including the child Russell, to ensure punishment.

The assassination of Sheikh Russell is one of the most violent, barbaric, demonic and painful events in history. On the night of August 15, 1975, small children like Sheikh Russell were not spared. Baby Russell was as innocent as a flower.

Not only in Bangladesh, but in the history of the whole world, there is no other instance of such brutal killings. Not only did the killings end, but the murderers of ’75 committed the Indemnity Ordinance in defiance of the Constitution of Bangladesh and the Indemnity Ordinance was enacted by the murderer Ziaur Rahman to form his 1979 Holy National Assembly. And that indemnity ordinance was there until then, that law tarnished our ‘black law’ in Bangladesh, until Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina on June 23, 1996, before the formation of the Awami League-led government again, that black law was in force in Bangladesh.

We can ask for justice for the murder of the father of the nation, but we could not ask for justice for the murder of Sheikh Russell, an innocent child of ten years. Bangabandhu named Sheikh Russell after the philosopher Bertrand Russell. Russell, who spent only ten years of his life with his parents, siblings and family members, was brutally murdered by the murderers of ’75 for all his dreams, hopes and aspirations.

I could not even ask for the trial of Sheikh Russell’s murder on the soil of Bangladesh. The way to seek that justice was blocked by law. After the election of the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 1996, the trial for the murder of Bangabandhu and his family members began by repealing that black law. After a long time, the partial verdict of that murder trial has come into effect. So far, the killers have fled to foreign lands. I humbly appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to unmask these murderers and bring them to justice expeditiously.

Finally, on this day, on the occasion of the 58th birthday of Shaheed Sheikh Russell, I pay my respects. At the same time, I pray for the forgiveness of the souls of all the martyrs including Sheikh Russell on 15th August.

Author: Dhaka City Corporation South [DSCC] Ward No. 27 Councilor: | Former Acting Mayor | O __ Adviser Bangla Post

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