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Janani gave birth to ‘e-baby’ by watching YouTube. What progress are we making?

Mohammad Olid Siddiqui Talukder

Update: Friday, October 22, 2021


Janani gave birth to ‘e-baby’ by watching YouTube. What progress are we making?

Mohammad Olid Siddiqui Talukder: Science and technology are changing our lives. We have known and understood this. But how much? In different countries of the world, especially in matriarchal societies, the contribution of father to mother in giving birth to human children is magnified. Most of the indigenous ethnic groups are matriarchal. To them, men are just a controller in giving birth to human children.

The discovery of cloning methods in the birth process is an important matter. Which has given the whole creation process a chance to discuss differently. However, the authorities of religious institutions have enacted laws that have blocked human birth in the process.

Then various methods have been added. Many ways of giving birth to children without physical contact or intercourse between men and women are now in the hands of human beings. The world powers are also keeping the wise people of the world in the gene bank. Gavashay rent has been available for a long time. The idea of ​​a test tube baby is almost old now.
This time ‘e-baby’ has been added to the human world by printing everything. reports that news. The headline of the news: ‘Janani gave birth to’ e-baby ‘by watching YouTube.

And the news says: ‘After watching YouTube,’ e-baby ‘gave birth to mother Stephanie Taylor and her daughter Eden.
Stephanie Taylor, 33, wanted to have children without any relationship. Stephanie bought sperm from the internet.

You have learned how to insert that sperm into the womb by watching YouTube. In the end, he bought the necessary things for the reproductive process from e-bay. Ten months later, she gave birth to a baby girl. The daughter is named Eden.

Stephanie says the cost of having a baby at a pregnancy center is so high that she is forced to look for alternatives.
Stephanie, the mother of a five-year-old son, was trying to have a second child. When I told a friend about it, he found an app to buy sperm online. The app contains all the health related information starting from the family of the person who wants to donate sperm. Stephanie said she found a sperm donor for her child from there.

Stephanie wanted her child to look like her. He was looking for someone who could match his physical constitution. And from the point of view of nature, he wanted family-oriented people. Stephanie received the sperm within two weeks of receiving the sperm donor of her choice. And succeed in the first attempt.

Stephanie said at first some members of her household did not agree, but they were happy after Eden’s birth. Stephanie said she was proud to be able to give birth on her own.

Meanwhile, a young woman in the United States gave
birth to a child by watching YouTube.

A young mother in the United States has claimed that she gave birth to her own child after watching a YouTube video. The reason, he says, was that no one else was with him in the hotel room at the time. But the biggest thing is that both mother and child are healthy.

The mother, Tia Freeman, a Nashville resident, said she became pregnant in mid-January. As a result, he had the idea that the child would not be born so soon. In this situation he went to Germany on a visit. But in that 14-hour tour, everything changed.

Tia thinks at first after having a stomach ache, it is because of food. But after landing in Turkey as a transit point, he started vomiting. Then she can search on Google and see the symptoms, understand that her labor pains have started. Then after getting up in a hotel in Turkey he did not understand exactly what to do. ‘I’m in another country where no one speaks English, I don’t even know the emergency number here. I don’t know what to do. ‘

Tia then decided to take the help of YouTube instead of calling the doctor. He fills the bathtub in the hotel room with hot water, takes a few towels, and looks at the internet and sits in a part of the bathtub suitable for delivery.

Then he started to put pressure on his stomach. Tia said, ‘I have never felt so much pain in anything in my life. But my child was born very early. ‘

He then cut the baby’s ‘umbilical cord’ himself. Stick it with shoelaces. Before that, however, he washed the ribbon in hot water. The boy is named Xavier. Source: BBC.

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