Monday, November 1, 2021


My Sound is giving newcomers a chance

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Update: Monday, November 1, 2021


My Sound is giving newcomers a chance

Times are changing. Due to the unimaginable proliferation of the Internet, everything is now at hand. YouTube is now one of the most popular entertainment websites. The number of views or the message of opinion all exist here. For this reason, many people are now looking at the YouTube channel. My Sound is not far behind in that direction. They are starting work with a new squad this time. This squad will include young directors and new artists.

The director will create drama and music videos with new artists. It will be completed and released on My Sound’s own YouTube channel.

In the meantime, they have also made many plays. Which will soon be published on their own channel.

Talking to Jamal Uddin, the head of My Sound, he said, “We have started working with newcomers in a new way.” We will have young creators with this work as well as new artists. We started working with them. You can say it is our My Sound Squad.

My Sound will make a lot of dramas every month with these MySind squads. My Sound will use their talents with good stories. I hope the newcomers do something good. My Sound is bringing you something new with newcomers. Stay tuned to our My Sound and watch the latest new dramas.

The plays that My Sound Squad has already made are- 1 / Two Lines More Understanding, 2 / Hammer Doctor, 3 / Pharmacy, 4 / Doorman, 5 / Coward, 6 / Mr. Helper, 6 / Bad Mood, 6 / Marriage Saadi Dot com, 9 / exchange, 10 / hot.

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