Monday, November 1, 2021


Youth community must unite against corruption: Bangladesh NAP

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Update: Monday, November 1, 2021


Youth community must unite against corruption: Bangladesh NAP

Commenting on the immense power of the nation, the leaders of Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh NAP said, “By using the power and potential of the youth to build the country, our youth must be free from the influence of subculture and have independent thinking.” Must be humane and generous. We have to unite against corruption and mischief. Only then will we be able to achieve the desired goal of freedom achieved at the cost of millions of lives. I will be able to reach the nation with its benefits.

In a statement sent to the media on the occasion of National Youth Day on Sunday (November 1), party chairman Jebel Rahman Ghani and secretary general M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan said these things.

They said the youth society should be united on the basis of the spirit of the liberation war and the main mantra. Sadly, many are seen doing the exact opposite for the sake of the spirit of the liberation war. Has turned the country into a kingdom of plunder. We have to build a resistance movement against them.

The two leaders also said that the responsibility of the youth is very important to establish a Bangladesh based on socialism based on the spirit of the liberation war, free from discrimination, poverty, non-communal, injustice, injustice, exploitation and oppression. Policy makers also have to play a proper role in harnessing the consciousness and patriotism of the youth. Policy makers need to be vigilant so that no invisible force can lead them astray. In order to curb reactionism, radicalism and militancy, the youth and the youth society must now come down as vigilant watchdogs.

They said the state should create employment opportunities for the youth. Young people need to remove all obstacles in the way of becoming entrepreneurs. The more active the young society with the spirit of liberation war will be from their respective positions, the more confident the nation will be in building the golden Bengal of dreams. I will never let the Bangladesh that has been achieved with blood go in vain – let this be the promise of the youth society on Youth Day.

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