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Winter is coming, get ready now

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Update: Thursday, November 4, 2021


Winter is coming, get ready now

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Winter is coming, get ready, now it is
freezing cold in the morning. Even if it is hot during the day, you have to pull the kantha on your body towards the last night. In the meantime, the skin is becoming dry, various health complications are appearing.

It is better to prepare a little in advance for the winter. From warm clothes to skin care items, everything is packed in advance to make the time better. Let’s find out what to do before winter.

Get ready for winter

When it comes to winter preparation, first of all it comes to cleaning winter clothes. Because they are stored throughout the year, a variety of germs are born and have a foul odor. So wash the warm clothes before the onset of winter. If you need iron or sewing, do it now. Take the time to buy the necessary winter clothing such as sweaters, cardigans, jackets, suits, pants, mufflers, socks or hats. Then you will not have to suffer when winter comes.

Buy Winter Cosmetics-

Its effects start to fall on our skin even before winter comes. The skin becomes rough. Moreover, the legs and lips are cracked. So you need to buy cosmetics in advance for extra skin care. Keep moisturizers, creams, petroleum jelly, olive oil, body lotion, lip gel, glycerin, rose water etc. on hand.

Different types of cosmetics are suitable for different skin types. Try to buy cosmetics that match your skin. Instead of buying cheap products, buy branded and good quality products, there will be no risk of skin damage.

Keep the house clean-

The amount of dust increases in winter dryness. Diseases are spread by spreading germs through this dust. So it is important to keep the house clean. Make the house suitable for winter before winter comes. Remove the thin curtains and put heavy curtains on the windows. This will reduce dust in the house. If there is carpet in the house, clean it with the help of vacuum cleaner.

Stay away from diseases-

When winter comes, cold-related diseases increase. During this time fever, runny nose, cold and cough occur. You have to prepare in advance to survive from these diseases. In the winter season, you can include spicy tea, lukewarm water, ginger, lemon, honey, various vegetable soups and liquid foods in your daily food list. It is better to keep the bath water slightly warm at this time.

Before winter comes, take out the blankets, kantha, blankets, bed sheets, pillows and take them out in the sun. If necessary, buy a room heater, water heater, electric kettle in advance. Enjoy the winter, stay healthy.

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