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Upcoming drama ‘Akbar the King’

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Update: Friday, November 5, 2021


Upcoming drama ‘Akbar the King’

Maruf Sarkar: How do I know the character of Akbar? He is a man of many mysteries. His job is to bring him to Dhaka city for a purpose and to make the team heavy. One by one, a group of young people joined his team. Again, these are not ordinary young people. In order to join Akbar’s team, the qualifications of those young people have to be different. Maybe someone will be executed for murder, and someone will have all the unique talents to disappear. In fact, everyone is another person behind the mask. No one has such qualifications.

What is ‘Akbar’ in itself – it is known that the story of the series is a bit like this. Everyone’s acting just to survive. The story of the popular serial drama ‘Akbar the King’ continues in various humorous events. Written by Mummer Rubel and directed by Sajib Mahmud, the shooting of the series has recently come to an end in various locations including Uttara in the city.

In the meantime, there is a lot of discussion in the media about the series. Actors Chashi Alam, Mukti Zakaria, Musafir Bachchu, Nusrat Jannat Ruhi, Pavel, Shelly Ahsan, Sini Sigdha, MN Raju, Anp, MN Raju, An, Maurita Jasmine, Petal Payal, Rana Mallick Jewel and others.

Director Sajeeb Mahmood says, in fact, at this time I am trying to give the audience a series of different stories. After about six months of planning we went on shooting the series. It is safe to say that Deadline Studios Ltd. and Crown Creations are bringing together some great audiences. At the moment, the series is being built around a slightly different subject than the works. A very serious message has been humorously presented in the story. We are trying to bring something different to the audience.

According to the director, the series will be aired on a private television channel this November and will be aired episode-by-episode on Deadline Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

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