Monday, November 8, 2021


Human chain demanding judicial inquiry to save North South University

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Update: Monday, November 8, 2021


Human chain demanding judicial inquiry to save North South University

The North South University has been under discussion for a long time on allegations of irregularities, corruption and militancy.

Azim Uddin, a member of the Board of Trustees of the University, and MA Kassem Syndicate’s corruption circular was presented at a human chain organized in front of the UGC office in the capital’s Sher-e-Bangla Nagar on Monday morning.
At the same time, a commission headed by a retired judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court was formed to investigate the culprits.

The corruption case of Azim-Qasim Syndicate was highlighted in the human chain. Purchase of low priced land for university at high price, commission trade of trustees with developers company, luxury of trustees car with student money, seating allowance of one lakh rupees,

North South University has been plagued by various irregularities and corruption, including receiving an equal amount of allowance through online meetings, FDR in its own bank, violating the rules, FDR in its own bank, disobeying the directives of the Grants Commission and admitting students several times. Although North South University has repeatedly denied allegations of militant alcoholism, its recent activities have revealed an old form of militant patronage.

The decision to re-admit militant Nafis Imtiaz, convicted in the blogger Rajiv murder case, has created panic in everyone’s mind. The syndicate led by two trustees of the university Azim Uddin and MA Qasim is responsible for everything.

The other members of the syndicate are founding members Benazir Ahmed, Rehna Rahman, Mohammad Shahjahan and Aziz Al Qaiser Tito. They demanded to seize their bank accounts if necessary in the interest of proper investigation.

Speakers at the human chain claimed that despite repeated complaints to various responsible departments of the government, no effective action has been taken yet. The speakers claimed that the delay of other agencies including the ACC and UGC could bring disaster to the state. That is why a judicial inquiry was demanded.

Chairman of the Law and Human Rights Foundation Ed spoke in the human chain. Mohiuddin Jewel, the organization’s adviser. Matiur Rahman Talukder, President of Sufi Sagar Sams, President of Bangladesh Newspaper (Media) Employees Federation, M Ibrahim Patwari, Chairman of Bangladesh Environment and Human Rights Implementation Society,

Journalist leader Kalimulla Iqbal and many more. At the end of the human chain, a memorandum containing 6 points was submitted to the University Grants Commission (UGC). The demands are- University Grants Commission to run the university in accordance with the rules of UGC, exemption from Azim-Qasim and members of their syndicate from all kinds of financial institutions,

Azim Uddin Ahmed and MA Qasim’s ban on leaving the country and arrest, proper investigation into all financial irregularities and corruption and confiscation of bank accounts of members of the syndicate including Azim-Qasim. Protecting North South University from the clutches of corruption and militancy by arresting Azim-Qasim and above all by taking initiative to shield the university administration from the nepotism of Qasim Syndicate.

The human chain was attended by more than five hundred people including human rights activists, students-parents and conscious citizens.

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