Saturday, November 13, 2021


AB Patti briefing and human chain was held

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Update: Saturday, November 13, 2021


AB Patti briefing and human chain was held

A media briefing was held at the AB Party’s central office at 3 pm today to protest against the rise in fuel prices, rising commodities and freight rates. Advocate Tajul Islam, joint convener of AB Party, gave a briefing at the protest meeting conducted by AB Party Member Secretary Mojibur Rahman Manzur. In a written briefing, he said that the rise in oil prices was an inhumane decision in the face of the country’s fragile economic situation. With the increase in the price of diesel, the cost of passenger fares and freight has gone up a lot. Commodity prices are already out of reach of the public. He demanded immediate action to curb the rise in fuel prices, passenger fares and commodity prices.

He said the government has also increased the price of diesel and kerosene by Rs 15 per liter in the country at a time when the prices of rice, pulses, edible oil, eggs, chicken, vegetables and other essential commodities are skyrocketing. With this, the price of Furnace Oil was increased by Tk 3 per liter on November 4, while the price of liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas in the private sector was increased by Tk 50 per 12 kg cylinder. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Mr. Tajul Islam said that according to the recent survey of various non-governmental organizations, 32.4 million people have become poor in the country during the Corona period. In all, the number of poor people in the country has now exceeded 70 million. As a percentage which is said to be from 43 percent to 48 percent. Now the government is arguing for the price hike – oil prices have risen in the world market. “The AB Party wants to ask why the price of oil was not reduced in our country when the price of oil was low in the world market,” he said. On the other hand, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has earned about Rs 40,000 crore in the last seven years, excluding the last five months, by not reducing the price of oil as much as against the record low price in the world market. In 12 years, the government has increased the price of water 14 times, electricity 12 times and gas 9 times. Now the voteless government has increased the price of primary fuel by showing the losses of BPC.

Advocate Tajul said that the government wants to benefit BPC through this price hike. On the one hand, they are paving the way for BPC to profit, on the other hand, they are also collecting their dividends through tariffs and VAT and the people of this country are the direct victims. Experts in the sector believe that the price hike was similarly to the benefit of LPG traders before the strike on Thursday due to rising fuel prices. The central government of neighboring India has reduced the excise duty by Rs 5 and Rs 10 per liter, respectively, to keep petrol and diesel prices normal. Despite the rise in global fuel prices, citizens are relieved that India has officially reduced oil prices, according to international media reports.

He added that a day after the rise in fuel and oil prices, various organizations of road and waterway owners called for an indefinite strike which resulted in suffering of the general public, office-goers, students, job seekers and even sick patients. Later, in a meeting with the government, the rate of fixing the fare was fixed in favor of the transport owners. Later, the transport owners have fixed the fare at their convenience in the field.

Regarding the market system, he said that the
skyrocketing prices of daily necessities in the market, skyrocketing rent in cars; But the news is being distributed like the official press release – the income of the people of Bangladesh is about 2500 dollars. Another state minister said, “The people of Bangladesh are not aware of how they are getting rich.” This is just a mockery of the people of this country. You have to come.
He demanded on behalf of the AB Party that
the price of fuel oil in the world market should be stable fuel oil, all tariffs on gas, taxes should be avoided;
Government subsidies will have to be increased in areas where price rise has an impact, including power generation.
The government has to take firm steps to prevent extortion at different stages of road transport.
Immediately the prices of all agricultural commodities including rice, pulses, sugar edible oil, chicken, eggs, vegetables should be kept within the purchasing power of the common man.
The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) needs to make arrangements for the sale of consumer goods to the general public at low prices.

Member Secretary of the party Mojibur Rahman Manju said, people’s life journey is miserable today. Due to the price of goods, people’s livelihood has become unbearable. In such a scenario, the government has inhumanely increased the price of diesel like a death knell. Which will have a serious impact on our agriculture, transportation of agricultural products.
He demanded immediate adjustment of diesel prices to reduce passenger fares and play an effective role in curbing the rise in commodity prices.

Also present at the media briefing were AB Party Joint Member Secretary Barrister Asaduzzaman Fouad, BM Nazmul Haque, Assistant Member Secretary Abdullah Al Mamun, Anwar Sadat Tutul, Aminul Islam FCA, Youth Party Coordinator ABM Khalid Hasan, Labor leader Shah Abdur Rahman, Gazipur Ahib. M Amjad Khan, Dhaka Metropolitan North Coordinator Altaf Hossain, Labor Leader Tanvir Hossain, Gazipur Metropolitan Convener Engineer Alamgir Hossain, Dhaka Metropolitan South Coordinator Abdul Halim Khokon, Labor Leader Baby Pathan and other metropolitan organizers and leaders.

At the end of the media briefing, a protest human chain was held in Vijayanagar demanding the same.

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