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Maulana Bhasani and independent Bangladesh are inseparable: Mostafa Bhuiyan

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Update: Monday, November 15, 2021


Maulana Bhasani and independent Bangladesh are inseparable: Mostafa Bhuiyan

Maruf Sarkar: Oppressed public leader Maulana Bhasani and independent Bangladesh is inseparable, commented Bangladesh NAP Secretary General M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan said that analyzing the history of Bangladesh, the most profound and significant thing in the life of the Bengali nation is the ‘independence movement’ or ‘liberation war’ of Bangladesh. If we look at the movement for independence and autonomy of Bangladesh from a historical context, it can be seen that Maulana Bhasani was the first to bring the issue of autonomy and even independence to the fore in his various political programs.

He said this while addressing a discussion meeting organized by Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh NAP on the occasion of 45th death anniversary of oppressed public leader Maulana Bhasani at Shishu Kalyan Parishad auditorium in the capital on Monday (November 15).

He said Maulana Bhasani was a lifelong uncompromising, anti-imperialist-anti-hegemonic struggle and a great devotee of the nationalist and democratic movement. One of the most striking aspects of his political life is that he did not hesitate to apply his politics properly in a reactionary society and environment.

He further said that Maulana Bhasani was such a national leader whose life discussion could sharpen and strengthen the unfinished national liberation and people’s liberation struggle of Bangladesh and the struggle against imperialism and hegemony. His tireless efforts for world peace, the role of education, the movement against hegemony, the unmasking of bigotry and conspiracies against Islam – where is Maulana Bhasani?

NAP Secretary General said that Maulana Bhasani has kept the noble ideology of religion in line with the progressive and exploitation free society. We as a nation will suffer if the oppressed masses forget the path they have taken against the hegemonic forces or deviate from that path.

Bangladesh NAP Secretary General M. Jatiya Party Unity Process Coordinator Professor Iqbal Hossain Raju, Gana Azadi League Secretary General Muhammad Ataullah Khan, Labor Party Chairman Hamdullah Al Mehdi, NDP Secretary General Md. Manjur Hossain Isa, FDP chairman. AR Khan, party vice chairman Swapan Kumar Saha, secretary Matiyara Chowdhury Minu, Mita Rahman, metropolitan leader Habibur Rahman Habib and others.

Professor Iqbal Hossain Raju said that Maulana Bhasani has sacrificed for the country, land and people from the beginning to the end of his life. He gave up everything in his life for a non-exploitative, non-communal, egalitarian society.

Mohammad Ataullah Khan said that Maulana Bhasani did not deviate from the ideal of human liberation for a single day or seek retirement. Almost every year, month, week, day of his life he has been in the movement, struggle, program.

Hadullah Al Mehdi said that there is no one in the history of the world like Maulana Bhasani who has been involved in such a long and continuous movement, struggle and program.

Md. Manzur Hossain Isa said that considering the historical context of Bangladesh’s independence and autonomy movement, it can be seen that Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani through his political activities sowed the seeds of autonomy and even the dream of independence.

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