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Akibul Islam sees immense potential in smart phone service in the country ‘

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Update: Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Akibul Islam sees immense potential in smart phone service in the country ‘

Masud Rana: Ifixus Fast, the well-established company of Akibul Islam, son of Gopalganj, is playing an important role in the smart mobile service revolution in Bangladesh.
The population of Bangladesh is 16 crore 7 Of these, more than 12 crore smart phone subscribers At this stage, the growth rate of mobile phone subscribers has slowed down, but it is much higher than that of land phones.
In Bangladesh, smart phones have not only reached remote areas, its users are now all classes of people Smartphone use has become a fad in the hands of everyone from upper class to lower class but now smart mobile phone is not a fashion, it is a necessity. Abu Saeed Khan, a telecommunications expert and former secretary general of the Association of Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh, told Deutsche Welle: Because, our thoughts are like that But the farmers of the village have understood its need He now knows the benefits of this portable communication device. That is why it is not possible to buy a new mobile every time, so the importance of mobile service is increasing day by day.

Keeping pace with the developed world, Bangladesh is advancing in mobile services, Akibul Islam’s Ifixus Fast is advancing.

In the last five years, there have been several fundamental changes in the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Due to the government’s commitment to implement ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and the launch of Forge in the country, the smartphone industry is developing rapidly. There is a demand for expensive mobile phones as well as demand for mobile services. Akibul Islam came into the service business. All the famous expensive (iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Huawei, Xiaomi) phones in the advanced world would be unusable if they were damaged due to lack of skilled engineers, so that the economic condition of the country would deteriorate. To open mobile tars display from China,

Akibul Islam’s IFiX Fast is currently the most popular mobile servicing company in the country. According to him, Akibul Islam is constantly walking the path of this offer as there is a possibility of doing something good in the export market due to the geographical location of Bangladesh. He believes that it is possible to earn more profit with less capital if he is hardworking.

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